Congratulations on your decision to plug-in to your potential! I look forward to getting to know you better over the next 12 weeks and helping you BOOST YOUR BUSINESS!

Online Power Coaching - Digital Strategy -

This week’s topic is Digital Strategy, the first step to creating a digital marketing plan to suit your unique business and its objectives.


Coaching on weekly topic begins promptly at 9 am and ends at 10 am. Our Zoom Room opens at 8 am each Monday for additional support and early bird networking. You will receive reminders of upcoming meetings by Google Calendar. If you can’t attend a scheduled coaching call, please let me know by text 9052632666 and note if you respond “Can’t attend” to Google invite or you won’t get any more reminders.


Each week we start off with introductions so you can get to know each other. Today we’re going to start with a quick introduction — only three sentences! Here’s mine…

My name is Sue Sutcliffe.
I work with entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.
I have been BOOSTING online presence and sales since 1995 and I look forward to helping you grow your business ovr the next 12 weeks!


Too get the best results from #OnlinePower, be sure to join and turn notifications on in the following groups:

  • [_] Our Cohort’s private Facebook Group called #OnlinePower Support Group. Bookmark this and introduce yourself — upload a photo, introduce yourself, ask for help & network
  • [_] My friends and family Facebook group called Get #OnlinePower is another facebook group you may want to join as I drop important stuff in there from time to time.


  • [_] Add your 3-sentence introduction to the comments below — if you’d like feedback
  • [_] Complete the Digital Marketing Assessment ASAP which explains our terms and conditions and auto-magically creates our class list.
  • [_] Block time in your calendar for these weekly calls, your homework, etc.
  • [_] Book your 1-hour strategic planning session if you haven’t already
  • [_] Bookmark and update your personal #OnlinePower Plan as you move through this programming


Please add them to the comments below.

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