11 Free Website Testing Tools

Free Website Testing Tools

The following free website testing tools make it easy for you to test your own website, learn what’s holding you back and provides helpful tips to resolve the issues.

  1. AChecker — Checks single HTML pages for conformance with accessibility standards to ensure the content can be accessed by everyone.
  2. Broken Link Check — Checker / Validator tells you which of your hyperlinks are dead and where exactly those stale references are located in your HTML code.
  3. Chrome User Experience Report — A public dataset of key user experience metrics for popular destinations on the web, as experienced by Chrome users under real-world conditions
  4. DareBoost — Tests, Analyzes and Optimizes your website’s performance, SEO, security, quality and more.
  5. Google Mobile-Friendly Test — Reports on whether a web page is mobile-friendly
  6. Google Mobile-Speed Test — Reports on your website’s mobile speed. Did you know that most sites lose half their visitors while loading.
  7. Google PageSpeed Insights — Indicates how well a page performs on the Chrome UX Report and suggests performance optimizations
  8. Readability Score — Reports on website readability. Grade 8 level is recommended.
  9. Responsinator — Shows you how your website responds on popular devices.
  10. W3C — Tests/reports on code compliance.
  11. Website Grader — Reports on performance, mobile, seo and security.

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